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ARGENT Courier
ARGENT Courier
Faction ARGENT
Level 18
Instance ARGENT Headquarters
Faction Symbol ARGENT 001
ARGENT's received a big government contract to add a new high-security wing to Stronghold Supervillain Prison in the Southwestern Desert. ARGENT has offered these schematics up to the highest bidder and that's VIPER! Some of their agents are meeting in the ARGENT corporate headquarters to make the deal to get those schematics. UNTIL has a mole inside ARGENT, Major Bonilla. He'll help you infiltrate ARGENT HQ, but then it's up to you to stop the hand-off between VIPER and ARGENT!
- Michael Scott Beck -- Mission Introductory Text: Prints Violent

This ARGENT Courier can be found in ARGENT Headquarters, presumably having delivered blueprints detailing Stronghold Prison for sale to members of the villain group VIPER.

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