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A Cat's Tale
Level 9 Mission
Zone Canadian Wilderness
Subzone Force Station Steelhead
Mission Start Lynx
Mission End Justiciar

Mission Chain

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[8] The Hunters Hunting

[8] Infiltration Cessation
Hunter-Patriot Lieutenant
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[9] A Cat's Tale

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Lt. Steve Fisher
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Capt. Susan Connors
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Giant Brain's Astral Projection

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[9] Troubles in Rime Woods

Okay, listen. I made a big mistake. These Hunter-Patriots creeps are bad news, and I never wanted to be part of a group of terrorists! I just want to strut around with my furry cat augmentation, go to a couple comic book conventions, and maybe have some laughs. I never wanted to hurt anyone! And the Hunter-Patriots are dangerous and crazy. They stole a gravity bomb from those Gadroon aliens, right? And they're, like, totally planning to detonate it by Steelhead. If you hurry, you can stop them! They're on the mountain just south of Steelhead!

- Lynx


A group of Hunter-Patriots and their stolen bomb can be found on the mountain south of Steelhead. Stop them!


  • Stop the stolen Gadroon Gravity Bomb!
  • Return to Justiciar

In Progress[]

Did you find those Hunter-Patriots and their Gadroon bomb?

- Lynx

On Completion[]

That's quite a journey you've been on, {name}. I'm happy to see you've made it back in one piece! The Hunter-Patriots in league with the Brain Trust, eh? Well you've stopped two of the five. We're going to have to keep an eye out for the remaining three, Mr. Zombie, Ape-Plus, and The Overbrain.

- Justiciar


  • 4,600 Exp
  • 1 Resource100 75 Resource