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A Crafty Contrivance
Level 5 Mission
Zone Desert Disaster
Mission Start Robert Kaufman
Mission End Accept New Mission

Mission Chain

Robert Kaufman
[5] A Crafty Contrivance

One of the Following:

[5] Begone Fission!
[5] Begone Fission!
Dr. Matthew Everingham
[5] Begone Fission!

You're going to need to create an item to resist the lethal radiation in certain areas of the desert, and the trainers will be able to help.

Research and Development is done at a Skill Table. Choose a Skill, Science, Arms, or Mysticism, by talking to the appropriate trainer then begin learning by acquiring a SCHEMATIC(Sci), DIAGRAM(Arms), or IMBUEMENT(Myst).

Components are required to create new items. You may find components in the world in Science Apparatuses, Arms Lockers, or Mysticism Coffers. Some items can even be broken down into Components at a Skill Table.

When you have a SCHEMATIC, DIAGRAM, or IMBUEMENT double-click it in your inventory to learn it, gather the required Components, and go to a Skill Table to create your item.

The radiation in the vault is becoming lethal and spreading! Train up in a discipline and create an item to protect yourself.

- Robert Kaufman


Visit the Skill Trainers. You may choose one among Arms, Science, and Mysticism as a skill.


In Progress[]

Important research is underway here in Project Greenskin, research to solve the many problems caused by all this radiation. The three disciplines of study are Arms, Science, and Mysticism, and we have a Master in each of the three disciplines on this floor. Choose your preferred profession and talk to them, and they will get you started with your training.

- Robert Kaufman

NPC Rendezvous Text[]

So, you want to train your Arms skill? I can teach you that!

- Panoply

So, you want to train the Mysticism skill? I can teach you that!

- Phoebe

So, you want to train the Science skill? I can teach you that!

- Dr. Matthew Everingham


  • 1,400 Exp
  • 81 Resource


Perk Objective[]

Knowledge Out of the Wasteland