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A Crafty Witchcraft
Level 9 Mission
Zone The Desert
Subzone Project Greenskin
Mission Start Robert Kaufman
Mission End Witchcraft

I'm a bit worried about Witchcraft, a member of the superteam the Champions who's investigating the ghost town of Burnside. It seems like she has a personal stake in the trouble going on over there, and I'm sure she'd appreciate your help. She's just outside the ghost town of Burnside, north of Project Greenskin.

- Robert Kaufman


Travel north to Burnside and meet Witchcraft.


In Progress[]

You can find Witchcraft to the north of Project Greenskin, right outside the ghost town of Burnside.

- Robert Kaufman

On Completion[]

Director Kaufman sent you? Fantastic! I could use a bit of help here to quiet the restless dead of this ghost town.

- Witchcraft


  • 460 Exp
  • 7 Resource