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A Kodiak Moment
Level 16 Mission
Zone Millennium City
Subzone West Side
Mission Start Chief Surhoff
Mission End Kodiak

Mission Chain

Chief Surhoff


Mark my words, we'll get this gang problem under control. Not only is the MCPD getting help from fine heroes like you, we're getting federal assistance, too. That reminds me, you should introduce yourself to FBI Agent Kodiak, heading up a strike force to take down the New Purple Gang. Pay him a visit south of the City Jail, near the gas station. Just do me a favor and try not to stare at Agent Kodiak's enormous hairy feet!

- Chief Surhoff


Go and speak with FBI Agent Kodiak, stationed south of the Jail, in the gas station parking lot.


In Progress[]

Be sure to check in with FBI Agent Kodiak soon. And please remember not to stare at his enormous hairy feet.

- Chief Surhoff

On Completion[]

Good to see you, {name}. I hope you're ready to take down some of those New Purple punks!

- Kodiak


  • 790 Exp
  • 40 Resource