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A Vacation To the West
Level 17 Mission
Zone Millennium City
Mission Start SOCRATES
Mission End Tyrell Donaldson

Hello {name}, I have gotten reports of some incidents going on in the Desert. There is an Amusement Park called Snake Gulch in the desert that seems to be going a little out of control these days. I would like for you to go and talk to Tyrell Donaldson and see if he could use your help. Head Northeast as you leave Project Greenskin and look for the billboards and parking lot.



Go and speak to Tyrell Donaldson near Snake Gulch amusement park.


In Progress[]

Have you gone to the Desert and talked to Tyrell yet?


On Completion[]

Hello there {name}, Thanks for coming all the way out here to help me out. Yes you've heard correct, I do need help, badly. I hope robot cowboys don't scare you..

- Tyrell Donaldson


  • 830 Exp
  • 41 Resource