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Aberrant Soldier
Aberrant Soldier
Faction PRIMUS, Irradiates
Level 7-8
Zone The Desert
Subzone Burning Sands
Instance Gertz' Bolthole
It looks like a few munitions crates got airdropped to the wrong location. To make matters worse, the squad of soldiers sent out to recover the crates mutated! Destroying even one of the crates before those brain-addled mutant soldiers can use the weapons would be helpful.
- Mission Introductory Text: Mission: Demolition

Aberrant Soldier are former PRIMUS agents. sent out to carry out missions in the Burning Sands region, they have fallen victim to high levels of radiation in the area. Now mutated and driven insane, they follow Major Gertz as he establishes a seat of power just northeast of Project Greenskin.

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