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Adventure Packs are mini expansions which include new story content along with new villains and rewards.



Adventure Packs are like comic book story arcs, taking players on a complete adventure with its own villains, storyline, and rewards.


Adventure Packs are scalable. Players level 11 and above can take part in the adventure either solo or with a team, ensuring that all types of players can experience the new content without having to grind levels in advance.


Adventure Packs will vary in their construction, but in general they will take place on a combination of exterior and interior instances. Teams are not forced to stay together. They can add in at nearly any point.


Adventure Pack progress is checkpointed, so you can leave an adventure pack and come back to it later if you don't have time to finish it in one sitting.

Adventure Packs[]

Serpent Lantern Adventure Pack[]

Released in June 2010, this adventure pack leads you on a quest to find the Serpent Lantern

Demonflame Adventure Pack[]

Released on October 18, 2010, this adventure pack leads you on a quest to stop Luther Black from re-creating the Demonflame incident.

Resistance Adventure Pack[]

Released on May 17, 2011, this adventure pack leads to an alternate dimension where the sinister Citizen Harmon rules Millennium City with an iron fist.