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African Art Collector
African Art Collector
Collection Perk
Zone Millennium City
Perk Points 25

African Art Collector is a Collection Perk.


Find all the pieces of African Art in Millennium City


African Drum

African Drum

Badges pic's013

Map location - African Drum

African Drum

Location ( 6321 / 313 / 1843 )

  • On a rooftop with a radio tower just behind the west wing of the City Hall.

African Spear

Location ( 8315 / 314 / 2497 )

  • Halfway along the east-side buildings of the block north of the Psi building's block, rooftop, west-facing wall.
African Spear

African spear

African spear

Map location - African Spear

Badges pic's019

Map close-up - African Spear

African Statue

Location ( 7605 / 246 / 2648 )

  • The northwest buildings on the block northwest of the Psi building's block, at ground level, east-facing wall.

African Gord

Location ( 8732 / 326 / 1151 )

  • On top of the building, at the base of a small radio tower.


  • Find all the pieces of African Art, scattered about City Center in Millennium City (0/4)