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Mission given in The Desert by Rebecca Rothschild ( 2221 / -6 / -610 )

Appropriate Level: 26

Recommended team: 2 players

Complete mission by speaking to: Rebecca Rothschild ( 2221 / -6 / -610 )

Mission Briefing[]

I saved the toughest assignment for last. The wind-powered supervillainess Galeforce is holed up in a cave south of Stronghold, and because of her powers nobody can get to her. Nobody except you, that is now that you have that density belt. Careful, Hero, Galeforce is a mean one. She's got some guys in there though that will fight for her to the death, who would have thought a couple of hardened criminals would fall in love that easy?


Go to the cave south of Stronghold and defeat Galeforce.

Return to Assistant Warden Rothschild

You will receive:[]

12,500 Exp
3 Resource100 54 Resource (Resources earned modified by Hero's level)

You will be able to choose one of:[]

Density Suit

Important Info[]