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Amazing Grace
Amazing Grace
Level 18
Instance Takofanes' Crypts

The devout Grace McKinnis got her powers after what she claimed was a holy vision, so is especially mortifying to see her own remains used by a creature of ultimate evil such as Takofanes. You've managed to destroy the corrupted, reanimated body of Amazing Grace. Now venture forth into one of the crypts of Takofanes and free Amazing Grace's captive soul, so this virtuous heroine can finally rest in peace.

- Mission Introductory Text: Captive of the Blood Moon: Amazing Grace

Amazing Grace gave her life in defense of the city during the Battle of Detroit, but not even in death can this divinely-empowered champion find peace. The arch lich Takofanes has trapped Amazing Grace's soul in his crypts, using it combined with the power of the Blood Moon to forward his goals in Millennium City.


You've saved Amazing Grace's soul.

- Mission Completion Text: Captive of the Blood Moon: Amazing Grace

Mission Objective[]