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A member of the Cirque Sinister supervillain group.


Briana Holmes was born in Allentown, Pennsylvania in 1982. Her family was astonished by her purple eyes and silver colored hair, but as far as doctors could tell she was otherwise normal and her parents resolved to dye her hair regularly. By the time she reached grade school she was already having difficulties — though she was quite bright, she had trouble paying attention and was well-known for provoking fights and disrupting class. No one quite understood why, but there was a simple explanation: from the time Briana was a toddler she could psionically reach into other people’s minds and take their memories for herself. It wasn’t until she was about six that she realized everybody couldn’t do this, an epiphany that only increased her feelings of isolation and superiority. Her anger at finding unflattering memories about herself caused her discipline problems. By her early teens Briana had become quite adept at using her powers to manipulate others, but she had a breakthrough the first time she caused a mall security guard to forget he saw her and walked away with several hundred dollars in jewelry. At the same time, her home life was becoming increasingly difficult, as she fought with her parents (both of whom had drinking problems) regularly. The only person she could relate to was her younger brother Bobby, who never judged her or thought bad things about her. In 2000 she decided she’d had enough and ran away from home, heading first to Philadelphia, then south down the Atlantic coast, stopping in various cities and towns for a few weeks to commit a few robberies and then move on before anyone could gather enough physical evidence to catch her in spite of her remarkable powers. It was in Atlanta in the summer of 2002 that she finally hit the big time. Her robberies had become increasingly bold (and profitable) as she gained experience in using her powers to slip past guards, bank tellers, and store managers. While she was in the middle of her biggest heist yet (a downtown bank’s basement security depository, the passcode to which the head guard could suddenly no longer remember), she was interrupted by the arrival of Atlanta’s leading superhero, Surge. As electricity crackled around him, Surge gave her one chance to surrender. Then he suddenly rubbed his eyes, wondering how he’d gotten into this dark basement. Oh yes, he’d been pursuing a robber! How could he have forgotten? She must have slipped by in his confusion.... Briana’s success went directly to her head. She adopted a flashy costume and the name Amnesia and began a campaign of harassment against the Atlanta police and Surge in particular, encountering him three more times without being captured. Then she met the other members of what would become Cirque Sinister , and her life changed again. In early 2004 Amnesia had a strange dream in which she was talking to Bobby again for the first time in years. Bobby told her he was trapped in a strange place and that he needed her to come rescue him. When she awoke, she took the team to Pennsylvania. Though they complained at first, once they learned what Bobby was capable of they agreed to rescue him and let him join the team. Amnesia now has the power she’s always wanted, and she’s looking around for something worthy to use it on.


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