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And Justiciar For All
Level 5 Mission
Zone Canada in Crisis
Mission Start Andrew Duggan
Mission End Justiciar

This is a dark hour for Steelhead. We've got our hands full dealing with zombies, while the LEAF, the Logistical Emergency Assistance Foundation, is trying to save survivors of the Oceanica 408 crash. Having a hero like you around is a godsend! Please, don't waste any time getting to Justiciar. He'll know exactly how you can put those amazing powers of yours to good use.

You can find Justiciar right down past the helipad stairs, in front of the main building of Steelhead.

- Andrew Duggan


Talk to Justiciar to see how you can help during this time of crisis.


In Progress[]

Please! Talk to Justiciar and don't waste any time. Ravenspeaker is not going to be able to hold back this blizzard for much longer!

- Andrew Duggan

On Completion[]

You're here in the nick of time, {name}. The situation is dire, but with your help I'm confident we'll be able to turn things around.

- Justiciar


  • 280 Exp
  • 10 Resource


Perk Objective[]

Knowledge Raiders on the Storm