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Animal Handler
Animal Handler
Faction Hunter-Patriots
Level 8-10
Zone Canadian Wilderness
Subzone Force Station Steelhead
Faction Symbol Hunter-Patriot 001
The Hunter-Patriots seem to be looking for something around the plane. The only thing we know that's missing is the missing passenger "Lee Tosi," but we have no idea why. See if you can't discover what their orders actually are.
- Justiciar -- Mission Introductory Text: The Hunters Hunting

Animal Handlers are among a large number of Hunter-Patriot agents that have recently arrived at Force Station Steelhead; intent on capitalizing on the disarray the compound finds itself in following a recent storm, they have pushed into the region and can be found extensively beyond Steelhead's perimeter walls. Animal Handlers can often be found in the company of one or more Trained Attack Dogs.

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