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Anton Romero
Anton Romero
Friendly • Contact
Level 16
Zone Millennium City
Subzone West Side
Coordinates 2080, 26, -1550

I can see you have a kind heart, {name}. But unless my beloved and I can escape gang life, we are destined to have broken hearts!

- Anton Romero

Anton Romero is a member of the gang The Maniacs, and the brother of the gang's leader. Despite his allegiances he's fallen in love with Quan Qi, daughter of a leader of the Cult of the Crimson Banner, and wishes to run away with her and leave gang life behind the both of them.


Thank you so much for this letter, {name}! Could you deliver my response to Lin? She can make sure Quan gets it.

- Anton Romero -- NPC Rendezvous Text: (Throwing) Star Crossed Lovers

Mission Objective[]