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Through the use of specialized arrows, Archers have access to a wider variety of attacks than most characters and can switch between Roots, Holds, Stuns and other status effects at will

  • When Archers establish a Quarry their attacks become increasingly accurate and efficient

Recommended Characteristics[]

Innate Characteristics[]

Helix Sureshot
This is the innate characteristic for Archery.
+5 Constitution +5 Endurance +5 Strength +12 Dexterity
+12 Intelligence +5 Ego +5 Presence +5 Recovery


Tier 0[]

No Requirements

Icon Name Type Description
Strafe Energy Builder Strafe fires off a series of arrows at your target.
Sonic Arrow Ranged Attack Sonic Arrow fires a specialized arrow at your target emitting a concentrated blast of noise when it strikes the target.

Tier 1[]

Requires 1 power from Archery or 2 non-energy-building powers from any framework

Icon Name Type Description
Evasive Maneuvers Movement Evasive Maneuvers causes you to lunge backwards to put distance between you and your foe.
Quarry Buff Self Nothing escapes your notice and once you target something, running it down is only a matter of time.
Taser Arrow Ranged Attack Taser Arrow fits your arrow with an electrically charged tip delivering a powerful jolt when it strikes your target.

Tier 2[]

Requires 3 powers from Archery or 5 non-energy-building powers from any framework

Icon Name Type Description
Snap Shot Ranged Attack A quick shot designed to take advantage of any opening your target gives you.
Storm of Arrows Ranged Area Attack Storm of Arrows fires a continuous volley of arrows at your target, striking them and any other targets around them.
Torrent of Arrows Close Area Attack Torrent of Arrows uses your archery skills to fire of multiple arrows in a cone in front of you in a single shot.

Tier 3[]

Requires 5 powers from Archery or 8 non-energy-building powers from any framework

Icon Name Type Description
Explosive Arrow Ranged Area Attack Explosive Arrow fits one of your arrows with an explosive tip, causing the arrow to explode when it strikes your target.
Focused Shot Ranged Attack Focused Shot allows you to carefully aim your next shot and land your attack precisely where you intend.

Tier 4[]

Requires 10 powers from Gadgeteer and completion of Vibora Bay Crisis

Icon Name Type Description
Implosion Engine Ranged Area Attack You throw an Implosion Engine, a device that generates a massive gravitational vortex in a very small area, sucking in nearby matter, and dealing significant dimensional damage.

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