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Assault on Greenskin
Level 5 Mission
Zone Desert Disaster
Mission Start Robert Kaufman
Mission End Robert Kaufman

Mission Chain

Robert Kaufman

[5] Assault on Greenskin
[5] Rounding Up Rads

[6] A Question of Suppression
[7] A Second Helping

Colonel Vanderbilt
[7] Doomsday Clock Ticking
[8] Radiation Domination

Those cursed Irradiates are gaining the upper hand and we simply aren't equipped to deal with them! Not only that, I'm about to lose some of my best scientists--the guys who I'm counting on to help get this mess under control! Can you help, {name}? We need to take out some of these Irradiate hostiles, and then rescue my endangered scientists. I need those minds working on turning off this blasted Radioactive Shield that's hanging over our heads!!

- Robert Kaufman


Defeat Irradiates and Rescue Scientists.


In Progress[]

Please help! Some of Project Greenskin's most valuable scientists are in mortal danger!

- Robert Kaufman

On Completion[]

Excellent work! Those scientists you rescued will help us research a way out of this mess!

- Robert Kaufman


  • 2,800 Exp
  • 1 Resource100 61 Resource


Choose One
SD Bracer 002a PRIMUS Vambraces SD Strike 001a Kaufman's Toughness Training
SD PDA 001a PRIMUS Tactical Refinement SD Items Armsbody 01 V01 PRIMUS Body Armor


Perk Objective[]

Knowledge Out of the Wasteland