Champions Online Wiki
Assemble Patriot Justiciar
Zone Millennium City
Mission Start Toy Master
Mission End Toy Master

As a special gift, the Toy Master has hidden presents with goodies for the Heroes of the world. Some boxes contain action figure parts. Any hero who turns in a full set will get a special toy as a reward!


Collect the pieces of the Winter Justiciar Action figure, and turn them in to the Toy Master.


In Progress[]

Hurry, hurry, {name}! My giftboxes will only be around for a short time! Collect those pieces!

- Toy Master

On Completion[]

Congratulations! You've collected all the pieces of my special Winter Justiciar action figure!

I'll send these pieces off to my shop to be assembled and activated, then I'll send the toy back to you!

- Toy Master


Mission Patriot Justiciar Head
Patriot Justiciar Action Figure
Event AMT Winter Justiciar 001
Northern Hero