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Mission given in Canadian Wilderness by Officer Gene Levi ( -97 / 45 / -2654 )

Appropriate Level: 26

Complete mission by speaking to: Officer Gene Levi ( -97 / 45 / -2654 )

Mission Briefing[]

ARGENT has been moving in the abandoned Lost Lemon Mine. They are digging for something and I don't think it's oil. They've sent out a surveying team, and they've hired shady geologist John Stephnson to write up a report for their bosses. Steelhead Division would like to know what's in that report. Find Stephenson's camp and take the report by force. The survey camp is northeast of an auxiliary oil pipeline, which can be found to the south of the highway.


Defeat Dr. John Stephenson and get the ARGENT Enviromental Impact Report. Stephenson has a camp just northeast of the southern pipeline.

Get Dr. Stephenson's Report

  • Defeat Dr. John Stephenson
  • Get Stephenson's Report

Return to Steelhead Officer Gene Levi

You will receive:[]

12,500 Exp
3 Resource100 72 Resource

You will be able to choose one of:[]

Important Info[]