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Assist Dr. Severisen
Level 11 Mission
Zone Canadian Wilderness
Subzone Force Station Steelhead
Mission Start Lt Douglas McKenzie
Mission End Dr. Karl Severisen

Mission Chain

Lt Douglas McKenzie
[11] Stop Corruption of the Food Chain
[11] Something Fishy

[12] Investigation Awry
[12] Toxic Takedown

[11] Assist Dr. Severisen

Good work closing down that dump site, but it looks like that was just the beginning. VIPER has established a number of small field labs to further their research. Doctor Karl Severisen has gone into the field with a small escort to see what they're up to, and he could use some help.

- Lt Douglas McKenzie


Find Doctor Karl Severisen in the western Rime Woods and talk to him.


In Progress[]

Have you spoken to Dr. Severisen?

- Lt Douglas McKenzie

On Completion[]

It's good you've come. We need your help.

- Dr. Karl Severisen


  • 550 Exp
  • 18 Resource