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Atomic Science
Atomic Science
Zone The Desert

Atomic Science is a Perk.


Project: Greenskin's studies of the Uranium Flats area were severely hampered by the Irradiate attack. The scientists will need your help.


"Atomic Science" can be earned by completing a series of missions. Completing the quests given by Forward Observer Hooper and Researcher Broom, both found within the Burning Sands area of the Desert, will take a character through them all.


Lore Entry

At its core, Project: Greenskin is a scientific facility dedicated to, founded to research the effects radiation has had on the Desert. It’s also charged with finding some way to capture, control, or contain the threat of Grond, the towering 4 armed mutant juggernaut of destruction who often frequents the area. While they’ve still got a long way to go on the Grond issue, in the wake of the mutant attack, Project: Greenskin’s scientist certainly needed your help on many other projects. You helped to protect researchers and recover valuable equipment that would have otherwise been lost. And you even found that there may be a cure for the disfiguring mutations that have plagued the area and even affected some of the PRIMUS soldiers during the battle for Greenskin. If you ever decide to quite being a superhero, they’d probably be glad to have as a lab assistant!