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The unique conditions and abnormally large Irradiate population found within the Atomic Wasteland serves as a unique and nearly irresistible opportunity to forward the research being done at Project Greenskin. Scientists work to gather as much information as they can to forward their goals, while PRIMUS soldiers diligently stand watch over the region, ensuring the safety of the scientists while acting to quell any mutant threats that may arise.

Atomic Wasteland Mission Chains[]

Radioactive Ringleader[]

Professor Ciraulo

Trashed Transport[]

Professor Ciraulo

Additional Missions[]

Mission Type Start End Notes
[09] - Rescue Driver Escort Supply Truck Driver Professor Ciraulo
[10] - 24 Carat Cartograph PvE Treasure Map Objective Completion
[10] - Dud Reckoning PvE Location Professor Ciraulo
[10] - Poisoned Pools PvE Professor Ciraulo Professor Ciraulo
[10] - What Leech Left Behind PvE Karathos Circlet Witchcraft