Champions Online Wiki
Faction Hunter-Patriots
Level 10
Zone Canadian Wilderness
Subzone Force Station Steelhead
Faction Symbol Hunter-Patriot 001
Your allies from Steelhead are being subjected to kangaroo courts where they are tried as traitors by the Hunter-Patriots. Stopping the Judge-Executioners will halt the violence. I tell you this as a sign of good faith so that you might help me in my plight. You can find the Judge-Executioners roaming among the Hunter-Patriot Firing squads.
- Giant Brain's Astral Projection -- Mission Introductory Text: Travesty of Justice

Bailiffs are among a large number of Hunter-Patriot agents that have recently arrived at Force Station Steelhead; intent on capitalizing on the disarray the compound finds itself in following a recent storm, they have pushed into the region and can be found extensively beyond Steelhead's perimeter walls.

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