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Bargainin' Bill
Bargainin' Bill
Friendly • Contact
Level 18
Zone The Desert
Subzone Snake Gulch
Instance Belle's Saloon

Howdy partner! I'm Bargainin' Bill, and have I got some deals for you!

- Bargainin' Bill

Bargainin' Bill is the only robot merchant still operational in Snake Gulch. Located in Belle's Saloon and sheltered from the harsh weather and wanderers of the Desert, he continues to offer his wares to those few who visit him.


Bargainin' Bill is the Snake Gulch prize merchant. He offers a small collection of Action Figures for sale, but he only accepts Snake Gulch Snakebucks.

Vendor Store
AF Icon Rowdy Randy Action Figure #110 Rowdy Randy
25 Snake Gulch Snakebucks
AF Icon Nasty Nicky Action Figure #109 Nasty Nicky
50 Snake Gulch Snakebucks
AF Icon Singing Brian Action Figure #111 Singing Brian
100 Snake Gulch Snakebucks
AF Icon Pretty Ginny Action Figure #66 Pretty Ginny
150 Snake Gulch Snakebucks
AF Icon Kid Billy Action Figure #65 Kid Billy
300 Snake Gulch Snakebucks