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Ruins of Detroit (Millennium City Sourcebook)

President Bush visiting the ruins of Detroit in the aftermath of the battle.

The event that caused the destruction of Detroit and allowed Millennium City to be built.

July 23, 1992[]

Doctor Destroyer had a plan to eliminate the United States by building a giant tractor beam and pulling asteroids in to bombard North America with. His first attempt was stopped with the sacrifice of the hero Vanguard, however he targeted another set of asteroids to complete his plan. The heroes in Detroit fought off Doctor Destroyer and stopped that plan as well. Battered and broken, Destroyer launched his final plan. He triggered his last, and greatest, weapon: an orbital bombardment cannon. A beam wider than a city block struck the ground where he stood, obliterating him and nearly two dozen superheroes instantly. Before the heroes in space could find it and stop it, the cannon swept its deadly ray across much of the city. The resulting devastation leveled most of the city — and what was left was quickly engulfed by fires, flooding, or both. All that was ever found of Destroyer was his shattered helmet.


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