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Battle of the Ironclad
Battle of the Ironclad
Level(s) 4-5

Zone Millennium City Tutorial
Coordinates 7132, 235, -1540

Battle of the Ironclad is an Open Mission found within the Millennium City Tutorial; part of the tutorial, players are directed to participate in it at least in order to continue the game's introductory mission chain.

The Qularr invasion fleet is being controlled by the aliens' mothership, hovering stationary in the sky near the Champions Building. Intending to use himself as an impromptu missile, Ironclad has constructed a large cannon with which to launch an assault on the massive spacecraft. Before it could be used, however, the mothership trained her weapons on the gun and destroyed it.

Ironclad intends to make another attempt at carrying out his plan, but he needs all the help he can get to reassemble and protect the cannon before it can be fired.

Battle of the Ironclad Stages[]

Stage 1[]

  • Defeat Qularr Invaders (0/30)

Qularr Drones, Flying Drones, and Firebugs will spawn in several waves, each identified before hand by the approach of a Qularr Assault Ship. Ironclad will assist players by attacking any enemy mobs that enter his aggro radius.

Stage 2[]

  • Collect Cannon Parts (0/10)

Cannon parts are scattered throughout the area, contained within large crates. Several can be found around the cannon itself, but others can be found around the Champions Building itself and at street level.

Stage 3[]

  • Defend the Cannon
  • Timed: 1:00 Minute

Qularr attackers will spawn in several waves just as during step 1. Ironclad will once again assist players in the defense of the cannon.



Faction Symbol Qularr 001 Qularr[]





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