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Begone Fission!
Level 5 Mission
Zone Desert Disaster
Mission Start Panoply
Mission End Item Completion

Mission Chain

Robert Kaufman
[5] A Crafty Contrivance

One of the Following:

[5] Begone Fission!
[5] Begone Fission!
Dr. Matthew Everingham
[5] Begone Fission!

Despite your amazing powers, there are areas in the desert so toxic with lethal radiation that even you won't be able to survive-not without help, anyway. Fortunately, you can use your new crafting skill to create a defense against this deadly radiation. I'll give you the DIAGRAM, but you will have to learn it (DOUBLE-CLICK the DIAGRAM in your inventory). Gather all the COMMON components, and come back to me for the Unique component. When you have learned the DIAGRAM and possess all the components, you'll need to use an Arms Table to create the device that protects against Radiation Poison Damage. You'll find Arms Lockers all over, regardless I've marked an area of high concentration on your PDA to help you locate the materials.

- Panoply


Learn the DIAGRAM, Collect 3 Common Components, Return to the Arms Trainer.


In Progress[]

Still working on the Lead Plating, eh? Keep at it!

- Panoply


  • 924 Exp
  • 43 Resource


Perk Objective[]

Knowledge Out of the Wasteland