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Big Trouble
Level 16 Escort Mission
Zone Millennium City
Subzone West Side
Mission Start Mia Zin
Mission End Burt Jackson

Mission Chain

Julie Morgan

Burt Jackson
Mia Zin
  • [16] Big Trouble
Lin Qi
Quan Qi

We haven't much time! Those Red Banner Cultist are out for blood! You've got superpowers, right? Can you get me out of here?

- Mia Zin


Rescue Mia Zin from Red Banner Cultist intent on sacrificing her.

Accepting this mission starts an event.


On Completion[]

Well, I guess you and me showed them Red Banner jerks a thing or two. Put 'er there, pal. Ol' Burt Jackson ain't gonna forget this!

- Burt Jackson


  • 7,900 Exp
  • 4 Resource100 1 Resource


Choose One:
SU Items Magicalenchantment Simpleblack 01 Secrets of the Dragon SU Items Tier1 Armscraftingblueprint 01 Retractor Mechanism
SU Items Mysticism Accessories 09 V3 Six Demon Bag SU Items Mysticism Accessories 11 V2 Warrior Spirit