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Glue gun-wielding villain who leads the Ultimates.


Although he was a gifted scientist, respected by many of his colleagues, Earl Whitacker wasn’t satisfied. He felt underappreciated, overworked, and ignored. He wasn’t paid nearly enough, and his moronic supervisors in the UNTIL laboratories never listened to him the way they ought to. Determined not to put up with their abuse anymore, he began spending his spare time working on a secret project — a new super-adhesive that would make him rich — even though personal use of agency resources was unauthorized. Lacking the funding he needed for the work (since his ungrateful siblings wouldn’t even bother to loan him some money), he had to cut corners and compromise on safety measures. Everything was going fine... until an unexpected chemical reaction caused the entire project to blow up in his face. Blinded and scarred, he staggered out of the lab, fell unconscious, and awakened later in the hospital. The doctors told him the loss of eyesight was temporary, but the scarring, unfortunately, was permanent. Plastic surgery might alleviate some of it, but never all of it. Then UNTIL fired him, which meant he didn’t have the medical coverage for even that much reconstructive surgery. The worst scars were the ones the doctors couldn’t see. Whitacker lost some of his grip on sanity, becoming convinced that his failure was the result of UNTIL’s refusal to help him, his family’s refusal to help him, and society overlooking his genius. He realized they were out to get him — he had to strike back! After checking himself out of the hospital, Whitacker bluffed his way back into UNTIL to get his notes and equipment, then went into hiding. After reviewing the data gained from his last experiment, he discovered he’d succeeded! His “Resin A” and “Resin B,” when combined, made a revolutionary form of adhesive, which he called “Bind-All.” He had once intended to make money selling his new super-glue, but now he had a better idea. He designed a rifle that used Bind�All as a weapon, and built himself an armored costume and a jetpack. The world had ignored and mistreated Earl Whitacker — but Binder would make them all sit up and take notice!


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