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Bioscience from the Stars
Level 13 Mission
Zone Canadian Wilderness
Subzone Force Station Steelhead
Mission Start Cindy Howitzer
Hank Cannon
Mission End Alien Biology Trainer

So you're wondering where the Alien Biology trainer is, {name}? Go talk to him and get to know his specialty a little more.

- Cindy Howitzer or Hank Cannon


Talk to the Alien Biology specialty trainer.


  • Talk to Alien Biology Trainer

In Progress[]

Have you talked to the Alien Biology Trainer yet?

- Cindy Howitzer or Hank Cannon

On Completion[]

Hello there, Hero! you're looking like you are interested in the Arms specialty of Alien Biology, am I correct?

- Alien Biology Trainer


  • 650 Exp
  • 38 Resource