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Biotechnical Difficulties
Level 15 Mission
Zone Millennium City
Subzone West Side
Mission Start SOCRATES
Mission End SOCRATES

As you know, I am hardwired into most major information networks in Millennium City. I just sensed an alarm at Cambridge Biotechnologies. I accessed the surveillance cameras to see an explosion in one of their laboratories, and mutated scientists running amok outside the lab. You need to contain this disaster, because I have yet to determine if what mutated these poor scientists is contagious. Collect 5 samples of each of the three ingredients needed to create the antidote and then create the antidote with lab equipment that is located right by the front door of the lab. Then use this antidote on Mutated Scientists to save them. You'll find the ingredients and the mutated scientists four blocks north of the City Jail.



Find mutated scientists four blocks north of City Jail and ingredients to make the antidote to restore them.


Mission Notes[]

  • The lab equipment needed to create the Mutagen Antidote can be found at the south entrance of Cambridge Biotechnologies. -- (/loc 870, 60, 838)

In Progress[]

The mutation rate of the scientists at Cambridge Biotechnologies as accelerating. If you are to save them, please make it soon, or it will be too late for them!


On Completion[]

Those scientists have reason to be extraordinarily grateful to you, {name}. According to my calculations, had they been allowed to continue to mutate, we could have had another Grond on our hands!



  • 7,400 Exp
  • 3 Resource100 93 Resource