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Black Mist
Black Mist
Master Villain
Faction The Brain Trust
Level 9
Zone Canadian Wilderness
Subzone Force Station Steelhead
Coordinates -1590, 44, 430

So, we've hired this group called the Brain Trust to help us. Their leader, an oversized brain called The Overbrain, sent two members of his superteam, Black Mist and Lynx, to help us look for a Teleios Clone south of here, who was on that flight that went down during that recent snowstorm.

- Hunter-Patriot Lieutenant -- Mission Introductory Text: Trust No One

Black Mist is a member of the Brain Trust, a supervillain group under the leadership of a being known as the Overbrain. He and one of his teammates, the genetically-altered Lynx can be found in the hills near Force Station Steelhead working in the employ of the Hunter-Patriots.

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