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Black Talon
Black Talon
Race Human
Gender Male
Powers Heavy Weapons
Powered Armor

The Black Talon is a suit of armor created by Doctor Destroyer, operated by specially-trained agents in the employ of the villain. Such suits have played a significant role in several of Destroyer's undertakings, and can be linked directly to the death of at least one superhero.[1]

In Champions Online[]

A Black Talon agent can be found leading a force of Destroids and Gun Drones in the headquarters of the Champions during the game's tutorial. Having activated a number of alien beacons, and in so doing triggering the assault on Millennium City by the Qularr, the Black Talon agent must be defeated in order to end the invasion.


Mission Objective


Vanquished Vanquished Black Talon


Bipedal in form, the Black Talon armor is composed of a central cockpit located in the torso from which four limbs emerge. The suit's arms and torso sport a wide array of weaponry. Doctor Destroyer is known to modify individual Black Talon armors, as appropriate, in order to accomplish specialized tasks.[1]


Black Talon armor has been employed to devastating effect in several of Doctor Destroyer's undertakings.

Attack on Java[]
In response to a public display of what would prove to be no more than fantasy on the part of General Mochtar Lumungan, of Indonesia, Doctor Destroyer led his forces in an attack on the island of Java on December 11, 2002.[2]
Eight days prior, General Lumungan had announced that Indonesia would not tolerate Destroyer's presence should he attempt to operate within the nation's borders. In a show of power, Destroyer led a force comprised of Destroids, Black Talon agents, and the supervillain Gigaton, in an attack on the General's base of operations in the city of Bandung. The invading force eventually teleported out of the area, halted by an Indonesian military responce group led by the superhero Biru Bintang. Destroyer had accomplished his goal; the General was dead, and Destroyer had demonstrated to the world the futility of opposing his will.[2]
The South Indian War[]
In the summer of 2003, Doctor Destroyer launched an invasion of southern India. Over a period of two months the invading force successfully overcame the combined might of both UNTIL and the Indian military, as well as superheroes that responded to the conflict; several heroes perished in the prolonged fight, including Durganara, who fell at the hands of Black Talon agents.[3]

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