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Blind PSI-ded
Blind PSI-ded
Lore Perk (Uncategorized Lore)
Zone Millennium City
Subzone City Center
Perk Points 0

Blind PSI-ded is a Lore Perk that can be earned within Millennium City, in the district of City Center. The self-help organization Mind, Inc. has drawn the attention of several enemies, but the organization is not the innocent victim it first appears to be.


Investigate the strange going-on around the self-help company Mind, Inc.


Lore Entry[]

Mind Inc. is a well-known self-help business who's advertisements are a common sight throughout Millennium City and the wold. Their popularity makes them targets for some criminal organizations, like the New Purple Gang. Working with Corporal Antoine Harrison, you were able to protect Mind, Inc's employees from their enemies, and even caught Kevin Poe himself. But something more sinister appears to be going on beneath the surface. Harrison seemed not be himself, and even sent you into an obvious trap. Something sinister was going on, and PRIMUS Agent Peter St. Croix has a suspicion of what it was: Mind Inc. is a front organization for the psychic villain group PSI!

Now instead of indirectly helping Mind Inc, you began to oppose them. You disabled their free-will deadening Hippocamptic Sonombulators, helped mind controlled employees escaped, and saved PRIMUS agent Terry Kestler from psionic domination.

Now that you knew the connection between PSI and Mind Inc, it was only a matter of waiting for the right moment to bring them down.


Perk Objective[]

Lore The PSI Conspiracy