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TheBlueRogue TheBlueRogue 18 April 2014

The Best Moments of Champions Online History - Submit Your Comments

Calling all MMO fans!

I'm excited to announce that Wikia will be creating a Key Moments in MMO History video. This video will give viewers insight on some of the genre's best games, and the best moments from those games. We want to know which moments of Champions Online history have resonated with players the most!

What is the most important moment in Champions Online History?

(For example, was it the introduction of a new expansion? Perhaps the defeat of a major dungeon or boss? An amazing faction-vs-faction war?) We want to hear your opinions to help bring this video to life!

Please submit your comments below. If you would like to personally be featured in the video, record your comment as an audio narration. Your comment could be used to high…

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Piratemike Piratemike 8 January 2010

Updates: Present and Future

I will be posting here on my current activities to give others an idea of my plans. Sometimes the full scope of my plans for an area may be unclear or far reaching and this will hopefully give an idea of how far those plans go.

  • I am currently adding power pages for each of the Telepathy powers.
  • I also intend to add icons for those power to the Telepathy framework page.

As I am no longer playing CO, my work here has come to an end. Good bye and good luck.

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Heaven's Agent Heaven's Agent 7 November 2009

Fan-Content, Part the First

When any game supports an increased level of character customization, it seems members of that game's community put more effort into their characters than they may otherwise. This was readily apparent with City of Heroes, and continues to hold true, possibly to an even greater degree, with Champions Online. A game Wiki may not be the most apparent outlet of that creativity, but it is something I want to support when individuals come here seeking such an resource.

That said, this project is primarily an encyclopedic resource, its purpose to document both Champions Online and the Champions IP. It's important to keep what is seen as canonical and what is fan-created separate. Therefor, I'm considering the following ideas, which I hope will eve…

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GodlyPerfection GodlyPerfection 4 November 2009

CO Endgame Community Forum

The Importance of a Community So I've talked to a few people about it, but haven't really gotten down any true details. I am a big advocate of, the community makes the game. I learned this back in the days of Armored Core 4 and Armored Core: For Answer. As small as those games are, we still had a great time and many have played for a year straight or more with no pause. Why? Because of the community that exists in the game.

After playing Armored Core 4 I moved on to Halo 3, which offered a level design tool in Forge. I was extremely interested in designing my own maps and so I went on and did it. I ran into a small group of like 4 guys and we called ourselves Forgehub. Our group grew to like 8 and we had a pretty decent size fanbase that en…

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Heaven's Agent Heaven's Agent 18 September 2009

Project Nemesis

I really hope Champions Online thrives; there's been no real success among new MMORPGs recently, one title after another toppling under the weight of various issues that plagued their content and gameplay. And while one would have to be blind to deny that Champions has its own issues to contend with, it's also important to acknowledge that Cryptic's built a firm foundation to stand on. The game's out, relatively stable, and so far they seem to be doing a fine job of recognizing the issues that are appearing under live conditions. And fixing them at what most would consider a timely manner. The title's still got a lot of growing to do in the next few months if Cryptic wants to avoid being stuck with another could-have-been, but the promise …

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Michael2mandy Michael2mandy 13 September 2009

My Contributions

I just wanted to say that the majority of my contributions come from Champions Online: Hero Creation Guide from BradyGames. I also add content related to me actually playing the game and learning just like everyone else :) So enjoy!

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