Champions Online Wiki
Identity Nestor Castillo
Race Human
Gender Male
Faction Crowns of Krim
Powers Darkness

A member of the supervillain team the Crowns of Krim.[1]


It was the find of a lifetime, and Nestor Castillo knew it was going to make his career.

Following clues he'd uncovered in certain inscriptions found in excavations at Teotihuacán, Castillo had tracked down what he believed to be a long-lost Aztec temple. Rather than announce a find that proved to be bogus, or allow anyone else to claim credit, he began excavating the site secretly on his own. Working with feverish intensity, he soon burrowed into the hill and, as luck would have it, straight into the chamber on the top of the temple.

As he looked around eagerly, his flashlight casting eerie shadows around the room, he realized that while he might be in a temple, it wasn't exactly Aztec. It bore some resemblance to Aztec structures and decor, but there were subtle differences. The sculptures and wall-murals were darker, bloodier, more violent and disturbing than Aztec ones. The place gave him something of a chill. The stench of sacrificial blood, still strong after centuries, didn't do anything to comfort him.

Then he saw the Crown. Resting atop an eerie altar-stone, it was blood-red, and shone as if wet. Unable to resist, he walked over and touched it — and then, almost as if compelled, placed it on his head. At once he was transformed. Gone was the ambitious archaeologist, the devout Roman Catholic. In his place stood Bloodstone, a quasi-demonic servant of Krim and wearer of the fearsome Blood Crown.

Concealing his new powers and form, Castillo covered up the temple again and returned to his post at the university. But it wasn’t long before he felt another compulsion, to travel north. He did so, and soon met Dark Seraph and the other Crowns, joining them to extend their reign of evil and terror throughout the world.[2]


Bloodstone BW

An illustration of Bloodstone from Conquerors, Killers, and Crooks.

Bloodstone wears a costume with blood-red sleeves and torso, gold waist and legs, and a stylized gold design across his upper chest. his lower arms, hands, calves, feet, neck, and head are uncovered, displaying skin that looks like flayed human flesh. The Blood Crown, with tines like bloody talons, rests atop his hairless head.[3]


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