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Mission given in Millennium City by Witchcraft ( 7663 / 199 / -1090 )

Appropriate Level: 27

Appropriate Team: 2 Players

Complete mission by speaking to: Witchcraft ( 7663 / 199 / -1090 )

Mission Briefing[]

Now that you've recovered the Hecate's Key. It's possible to close the Qliphothic Tear.

Unfortunately, the key is the last step in closing the Tear. A portal of that size required some major ritual magic to open it, and the objects used in the ritual will be carefully guarded to ensure the portal remains open. I have detected the presence of four major demons in Millennium City: Abaddon, Barbos, Chemosh, and Danjal. If my guess is right, they will be carrying these objects in the form of Qliphothic Shards.

Defeat the and get the Shards. Toss the Shards back through the portal and then use the Hecate's Key to seal it. The Qliphothic Tear is at the center of a block two blocks east of the Magic Lantern. These demons travel in packs, so you are going to want to bring some Superhero friends with you along for this mission!


Defeat the 4 demons and collect their Qliphothic Shards. Use the Shards and Hecate's Key to seal the Qliphothic Tear. Recover Shards

  • Recover Abaddon's Shard
  • Recover Barbos' Shard
  • Recover Chemosh's Shard
  • Recover Danjal's Shard

Return to Witchcraft's Astral Form

You will receive:[]

26, 000 Exp
7 Resource100 60 Resource (Resources earned modified by Hero's level)

You will be able to choose one of:[]

Mage's Focus, Hecate's Key; Enchanted Chakras; Foresight; Blood of Corruption

Important Info[]