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Pyromaniac supervillain with a high-tech blowtorch weapon.


Perry Johnson got his start as a pyromaniac early — he can’t remember a time when he wasn’t fascinated by the flames. As a child, he frequently started small fires just for the fun of watching them burn, and chased after fire trucks on his bike to see the towering sheets of flame as beautiful, precious fire claimed another tribute in the form of an office building or home. Even today he often spends his “recreation time” listening for reports of fires and driving over to watch his “good friends” in the Fire Department at work. After high school, Perry joined the Army, hoping to have the opportunity to learn about and use incendiary weapons. He got his chance, and after he helped test some new models the Army was experimenting with, he made some insightful and useful suggestions to the development team. Then the MPs caught him setting a little fire in the mess hall late one night. Despite his claim that he’d found the fire and was trying to put it out, he was court-martialed and dishonorably discharged. Disconsolate, he obtained a job as an arson investigator for an insurance firm, but that didn’t work out — he only got involved with fires after they happened. He saw the aftermath, but not the birth or the flowering, and he couldn’t stand that. Finally, Perry’s pyromania reached the point where he realized he should be setting the fires, not just watching them. That way he was sure to be in on all the glorious action! He snuck back onto the Army base where he’d been stationed, broke into the laboratory, and stole one of the experimental flamethrowers and some other equipment. A wave of destructive building fires soon announced that Blowtorch had arrived on the supervillain scene


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