Champions Online Wiki
Identity Lisa Anderson
Race Human
Gender Female
Faction GRAB
Powers Power Armor

Member of GRAB who wears a winged suit of light powered armor.[1]


A disgruntled engineer, Bluejay stole the plans and prototype for the top secret flying battlesuit she'd been working on prior to getting fired. She doesn't actually want to hurt anyone; all she wants is the money she feels her former employer prevented her from earning when they canned her project. Unfortunately for her, she's also incredibly accident prone. She ends up hurting people even when she's doing her absolute best not to. Her reputation is far fiercer than she is herself.


The Early Worm Gets the Bird - A mission in Millennium City where you encounter Bluejay and assist her.


Lisa Anderson was once an engineer working for a small, cutting-edge aeronautics firm called McNeil Aviation. Thanks in large part to some of her innovative designs, the firm won a contract from UNTIL to manufacture a winged "flying battlesuit."

Lisa spent many long, frustrating hours working on the project, allowing her personal and social life to deteriorate in the hope of reaping big career and financial benefits when the job was done. Unfortunately, UNTIL canceled the project due to cost overruns, and McNeil fired Lisa, keeping her work for itself under the terms of her employment contract.

Bitter over how she was treated, and eager for riches she felt should be hers, Lisa broke into McNeil late one night, stole the suit and all its plans, and made her escape. Unfortunately, something went wrong, and a fire started; the McNeil plant burned to the ground. The authorities blamed the fire on the "new flying supervillain" seen leaving the scene of the crime.

Seeing no legitimate way to earn the kind of money she wanted to have, Lisa went back to work, modifying the battlesuit for her own uses. Soon Bluejay was making the papers with stories of her daring upper-story robberies and other crimes. But bad luck continued to dog Lisa; though she didn’t want to harm anyone, things often went wrong, resulting in innocent people getting hurt during her jobs. She soon developed a reputation as being far more dangerous than she actually is.

One night, Bluejay planned to rob a hightech company, but found Black Diamond and Black Claw were beating her to it! When PRIMUS showed up, the three villains, who were just about to start fighting, teamed up to make their escape. In the process they found they had a lot in common, and Black Diamond told Bluejay about GRAB. Bluejay gladly got involved, and has been a part of the alliance ever since.[2]


Bluejay BW

An illustration of Bluejay from Conquerors, Killers, and Crooks.

Bluejay’s battlesuit is light blue and white, with some black highlights: blue boots, torso, gauntlets, and helmet; white legs and arms; with various points of articulation and the like in black. The helmet leaves her lower face exposed, and has a bird-like crest. The suit’s wings, also light blue, are attached to her arms.

Out of her battlesuit, Lisa Anderson is a pretty woman, 5' 7" tall with light brown hair cut just above her shoulders, and brown eyes. Thanks to her criminal career, she can afford to dress nicely, and does.[3]


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