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Bonding with a Grondling
Level 13 Mission
Zone The Desert
Subzone Project Greenskin
Mission Start Dr. Nelson Dupree
Mission End Dr. Nelson Dupree

Mission Chain

Dr. Nelson Dupree
[10] Hemoglobin of the Homunculus

[11] Gronds Have More Fun
[13] Uninhibited

[13] Bonding with a Grondling

What say we test out this neuron-electrode inhibitor, {name}? Subdue a Susceptible Grondling and then apply the device. When it awakes, the Grondling should be much more compliant... For a while, anyway. Look for Susceptible Grondlings in and around the Abandoned Field Research Facility east of Project Greenskin.

- Dr. Nelson Dupree


Use Neuron-Electrode Inhibitor on a Susceptible Grondling at 50% health.


In Progress[]

All that work we did and you still haven't tested the Hypothalmic Torporator on a susceptible Grondling? What are you waiting for, {name}?

- Dr. Nelson Dupree

On Completion[]

Good job, {name}. I'm glad we got to make sure that it works... on someone other than us!

- Dr. Nelson Dupree


  • 6,500 Exp
  • 1 Resource100 89 Resource


Choose One:
PU Helmet Closed 001a Hypothalmic Helmet
PU Device 011a Grondling Field Observation Kit PU Items Science Gadgets 13 V9 Neuro-Electrode Inhibitor
PU Items Magicalenchantment Compoundblack 04 V01 Grondling Bond PU Trident 001b Neuro-Electrode Amplifier