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Brain Engage
Level 18 Mission
Zone Millennium City
Subzone City Center
Mission Start Evan Fox
Mission End Objective Completion

Mission Chain

Michael Scott Beck

Evan Fox

I know you've had your trouble with PSI in the past, but we're not the enemy, at least not this time!

We were just trying to rescue one of our own, a member of PSI, and a girl with VERY special mental powers. Her name is Adina Monroe, and she is a "protopath," able to shape reality with her thoughts. Those rats at ARGENT found out about her and kidnapped her. They want to warp reality to a world where ARGENT is ruler of all things! So they hooked Adina to a machine designed to amplify her powers and put her on psychotropic drugs in order to control her.

What these fools don't know is that Adina is resisting on a subconscious level. If she is not freed from ARGENT's control, she will soon emit a psychic explosion that threatens not just to reshape all reality, but destroy it!

Please, {name}, you need to free that kidnapped PSI protopath... before it's too late!

- Evan Fox


Rescue Adina Monroe from ARGENT's "proto-enhancement chamber."


  • Turn off proto-enhancers (0/4)

In Progress[]

Please go rescue Adina Monroe before that proto-enhancement chamber causes her serious damage!

- Evan Fox


  • 8,800 Exp
  • 83 Resource