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Brain Storming
Level 11 Mission
Zone Canadian Wilderness
Subzone Force Station Steelhead
Team Size 2
Mission Start Giant Brain's Projection
Mission End Justiciar

Mission Chain

[8] Missing Amongst the Debris
[8] The Hunters Hunting

[8] Infiltration Cessation
Hunter-Patriot Lieutenant
[9] The Perfect Prey
[9] Trust No One
[9] A Cat's Tale

[10] Awful Undead Offal

Lt. Steve Fisher
[10] Six Feet Under
[10] Dead Alive
[10] Cleanup of the Oceanic

Capt. Susan Connors
[10] Hunter-Patriot Act
[10] Summons of the Cerebellum

Giant Brain's Astral Projection

[10] Travesty of Justice
[11] Execution Dissolution

[11] Mental Retribution
[11] Brain Storming

[9] Troubles in Rime Woods

The Overbrain wishes to use me to enslave the Hunter-Patriots so that they might become a private army. I wish only to be free, but I am weakening. Without the technology you just destroyed, The Overbrain will find it a difficult task to break my defenses, but that does not mean he will not eventually succeed. I fear I will not last much longer, {name}. The Overbrain and his simian teammate, Ape Plus are not as easily defeated as other members of the Brain Trust. If you can, convince another hero to assist you. Help me {name}!

- Giant Brain's Astral Projection


Find a teammate and free the Cloned Brain from the clutches of the nefarious Overbrain and his enforcer, Ape-Plus.


In Progress[]

Defeat The Overbrain and Ape-Plus! I fear I cannot hold out much longer!

- Giant Brain's Astral Projection

On Completion[]

A giant cloned Teleios brain? If The Overbrain was able to control it, it might have succeeded in mind controlling every last one of us and turning us into soldiers for the Brain Trust. That was fantastic work, {name}!

- Justiciar


  • 11,000 Exp
  • 5 Resource100 45 Resource


Choose One
PU Items Magicalenchantment Simplewhite 01 Pyro Urge PU Items Science Gadgets 04 V5 Cyberkinetics
PU ID 001a Restrained ID PU Items Magicalenchantment Compoundwhite 04 V01 Psychic Awakening
PD Belt 001a Force Shield Belt PU Machine 002a Telekinetic Force Field Inducer