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Gadget-wielding mentalist supervillain who also works as an underworld armorer.


Harold Jenkins can’t remember a time when he didn’t have mental powers. When he was in elementary school and junior high, he used them to keep bullies away from him — and he was already smart enough to conceal his powers while he did it. In high school he used his powers to get straight As, and girls, who couldn’t withstand the force of his powers of mental domination. All in all, a most pleasant existence. Already well-versed in many scientific subjects due to his innate intelligence and interest in such matters, Harold didn’t bother with college. Instead, he went straight out into the working world — or, more precisely, the working underworld, since he realized he could use his powers to get money the same way he’d used them to get girls. He arrogantly christened himself “Brainchild” and set about robbing banks. His first few robberies were an astounding success; he flashily mind controlled the guards and loudly demanded money from the tellers, who just handed it to him, after which he walked out the door. Then he tried to rob a bank when Jonathan Keyes (the Drifter of the Justice Squadron) happened to be nearby. A few minutes later, the Drifter was posing heroically for the cameras and giving a post-battle interview while Brainchild was being taken by emergency vehicle to the nearest mental ward. Humiliated and badly injured, Harold began to rethink his approach. He didn’t like pain — in fact, he absolutely loathed it — and had little interest in getting involved with the usual sorts of battles people with superpowers seemed to participate in. He could make more money by using his mental and scientific talents to supply the underworld with goods and services. That would be nice, safe, and profitable. After his mind had recovered from the Drifter’s powers, and his body had healed, Brainchild served the rest of his term, was released, and then simply vanished. For a while he went to work for VIPER, but that turned out badly; no one there recognized his inherent brilliance, and his inability to follow orders or get along with his lab-mates led to a rather abrupt parting of the ways in which Brainchild walked off with several gigabytes of valuable VIPER data. Now UNTIL and other law enforcement agencies are looking for him because he violated the terms of his parole, and VIPER wants to kill him and get its data back. But he’s smarter than all of them put together, and intends to stay far away from jail — or the business end of any VIPER blasters


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