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Breakout of the Big House
Breakout of the Big House
Lore Perk
Zone Millennium City
Subzone West Side
Perk Points 10

Breakout of the Big House is a Lore Perk.


A prison break in the area has Millennium City Police overwhelmed, and as such Chief Surhoff turns to the superhero community for assistance.


"Breakout of the Big House" can be earned by completing a set of four missions. Two can be obtained from Chief Surhoff, one from George Kruger, and one is a location-based mission.


Lore Entry

You’ve put a lot of criminals away in your career as a superhero. The more powerful ones were set to Stronghold prison in the Desert, but many of the rest have ended up at Millennium City Prison for a chance to reform and pay there debt to society. Unfortunately, many can only think of returning to their criminal careers. When you heard about the jail break, you went to help contain the situation, but by the time you arrived several of the most dangerous cons had already escaped. You got some information at Leo's Bar, a known underworld hang-out, and captured many of the escapees, but you found out that some of the escaped cons and gone back to their old gang and sent them after the man who’s gotten them convicted, City Prosecutor George Kruger. You rescued the civil servant right before the escaped cons made him swim with the fishes, and he provided the last piece of the puzzle: That this entire escape was all a recruitment plan by VIPER! Acting on this tip, you moved quickly and caught the VIPER recruiter before he could induct any more escaped prisoners. Ironically, he’ll probably end up at the MCP himself.