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Faction Qularr
Faction Symbol Qularr 001
You are just in time, {name}! I have just received some reconnaissance information that Chief Surhoff needs to see ASAP. These photos show the Qularr massing for an assault on his position.
- Mayor Calvin Biselle -- Quest Introductory Text: Mail to the Chief

Bugkeepers are heavy assault soldiers of the Qularr invasion force. They have the ability to summon firebugs, except in the Millennium City Tutorial where they first appear. They appear with less frequency than the lesser Qularr units, though they are often accompanied by support units.


I have the worst luck! These blasted aliens attacked just as I was leaving my apartment this morning for a well-earned vacation in the wilds of Canada. I had to drop everything I had and run for my life. Now those bugs have everything I need for my trip: my suitcase, my tickets, and my passport!

- Clayton Griswold -- Quest Introductory Text: Vacation Salvation

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