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Built Ferd Tough
Level 8 Group Mission
Zone Desert Disaster
Team Size 3
Mission Start Colonel Vanderbilt
Mission End Colonel Vanderbilt

An abnormally large Irradiate by the name of Ferd may be a key leader on the attack of Project Greenskin. He is incredibly strong, {name}. You shouldn't try to take him down without a few friends to back you up, but if you can get a team together to handle Ferd you might turn the tide of this battle.

- Colonel Vanderbilt


Take a team to defeat mutant leader Ferd, patrolling the Burning Sands of the Southwestern Desert.


In Progress[]

Ferd is getting those other Irradiates worked into a frenzy. We really need to take him down, before he amasses his own unstoppable Irradiate army. We desperately need you to take down Ferd, {name}, but I don't think this is a job you can do on your own.

- Colonel Vanderbilt

On Completion[]

Great work! With Ferd defeated, the Irradiates are disorganized. We might just be able to get this Irradiate attack under control soon, and it's all thanks to you!

- Colonel Vanderbilt


  • 4,100 Exp
  • 3 Resource100 42 Resource


Choose One
SO Lighter 001a Vanderbilt's Lucky Lighter SO Items Mysticism Accessories 03 V4 Ferd's Token
SO Items Martialartstechniques 06 V3 Furious Grondling Stance SO Items Magicalenchantment Complexwhite 03 Strange Transformation