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Despite the threats found in the Burning Sands, from both radiation and mutant attack, the region serves as an active research location for the personnel of Project Greenskin; a signifigant number of PRIMUS agents operate in the area. They work toward the goal cleaning up the mess left after the recent Irradiate attack on the nearby base. They also act as guards and escorts, protecting the scientific personal working out of Greenskin as they venture into the area to collect data and test their theories.

Burning Sands Mission Chains[]

War Never Changes[]

Corporal Biehn

Colonel Vanderbilt

Atomic Science[]

Forward Observer Hooper

Additional Missions[]

Mission Type Start End Notes
[07] - An Appeal to Heal PvE Corpsman Hazen Corpsman Hazen
[07] - Doom Looms for Researcher Broom! Escort Researcher Broom Objective Completion
[08] - Secure the Skin Samples PvE Forward Observer Hooper Forward Observer Hooper