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A recent disturbance of mystical energies in the region surrounding Burnside was accompanied by a noticeable increase in spiritual activity; the town's citizens once again walk Burnside's streets, ghosts that should by all accounts be dormant. The heroine Witchcraft has traveled to the area to investigate, but she began acting strangely shortly after her arrival.

Burnside Mission Chains[]



Edomic Orb

Karathos Circlet

Black Rock Down[]

Unmistakably Evil, Black Stone


Additional Missions[]

Mission Type Start End Notes
[09] - Long-Buried Boots PvE Mysterious Map Mayor Reno Randall
[10] - Meet Professor Ciraulo Meeting Witchcraft Professor Ciraulo
[10] - The Reviled PvE Mayor Reno Randall Mayor Reno Randall