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A costumed supervillain who wears super-tech gauntlets that shoot incredibly sharp "buzzsaw" missiles.


Despite the fact that his friends always thought of him as “one lucky sonu-vagun,” Ron Friese hadn’t accomplished much in life. He sort of coasted through high school, never getting into serious trouble but not making a name for himself either. After graduation he went to truck driving school and got a job driving the big rigs. It paid well, but it wasn’t exactly stimulating work. Then one day in a bar, Ron got into a long conversation with this guy. The guy was talking all about how he belonged to this group of winners — tough guys who didn’t let “the man” tell them what to do and got rich on their own terms. The more he talked, the better it sounded to Ron, even if some of the things he described weren’t even close to legal. He told the guy he’d like to join up with this “group of winners.” He woke up the next morning in a VIPER training facility with a raging hangover — turned out that guy he’d been drinking with was a VIPER recruiter. Joining up with the snakes seemed like a good idea to Ron (or at least a helluva lot more exciting than driving a truck!), so he didn’t try to run away. But he soon found out that VIPER training wasn’t all blaster practice and mock combats; there were lots of guys ordering you around, making you clean stuff and do all kinds of disgusting chores. One day when he refused to clean the Voltaic Chamber after one of the Nest Leader’s “information extraction sessions,” Ron was severely beaten and punished with a week of janitorial duty. Later that night as he worked and nursed his bruises, he came to one of the labs. He wasn’t even allowed in there, but someone had left the door unlocked and there was still a light on inside. He snuck in and found one of the Nest’s scientists burning the midnight oil as he put the finishing touches on a new weapon — a pair of gauntlets that could launch razor-sharp blades at high velocity. Then Ron got an Idea. Why stick around here and do grunt work when he could make himself rich with those gauntlets? He bashed the scientist in the head, put on the gauntlets, snatched up the CD with all the project data on it, and fought his way past security to freedom. He almost didn’t make it, but by a stroke of dumb luck a couple of the agents pursuing him were hit by a pickup truck, and that created enough of a distraction for him to lose his hunters. The next time the world saw Ron Friese he was wearing a blue and white costume to go with the gauntlets and calling himself Buzzsaw. And, as he likes to put it, “the world ain’t never been the same since!”


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