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Call on Beck
Level 19 Mission
Zone Millennium City
Subzone City Center
Mission Start Kinetik
Mission End Michael Scott Beck

Mission Chain


You probably know just about everybody in Millennium City, don't you, {name}. Tell me, have you met Michael Scott Beck yet? He's one of Millennium City's most tenacious journalists. He's got a knack for snooping out the big stories... and for getting into troubles. Maybe you can lend hims a hand as he investigates his latest scoop. You can find him southwest of ARGENT HQ.

- Kinetik


Talk to reporter Michael Scott Beck, located southwest of ARGENT HQ.


In Progress[]

Michael Scott Beck just called me. Remember that reporter I was telling you about? He's waiting on you. He says he's got a big scoop on ARGENT's illicit activities. That means, if he's not up to his neck in trouble, he's soon going to be!

- Kinetik

On Completion[]

Great to see you, {name}! I'm onto a big story, and I just know you can help me get to the truth!

- Michael Scott Beck


  • 930 Exp
  • 13 Resource